.....caring about YOU and willing to carry the 'worry bag' on YOUR special occasion.....

The President W.Bro Mark Bracci and his Good Lady Mrs Mary Jane Bracci at the Ladies Festival on Sat. 29th October 2016 for St. Cedd Lodge No. 6519 (from the Province of Essex). Just as well it was officiated by W.Bro John Driscoll the Norfolk Toastmaster…..with a twist of Essex! A really splendid evening held at Dunston Hall Norwich. Thank you for the picture W.Bro Victor Ling of United Friends Lodge No. 313 in the Province of Norfolk.

John Driscoll - Masonic Toastmaster & MC with W.Bro Ken Prestidge and his Good Lady Maria at Plumstead Lodge 7589 (Province of West Kent) Ladies Festival held at Knights Hill Hotel Kings Lynn in February 2014.

A lovely Masonic Toastmaster Testimonial from Helen Adams a Ladies Night Festival Secretary………..Thanks for the great job you did as Toast Master at the Plumstead Lodge ladies weekend at The Knight's Hill Hotel, King's Lynn. We know that you really put the President W.Bro Kevin Prestidge and his Lady Mrs Maria Prestidge at ease, calming them down at their most nervous. To top it all the night was finished with a beautiful rendition of the Ladies song.
Hopefully we can book you again next time we are in King's Lynn...……My pleasure Helen I hope to see you again soon. (March 2014)

The Masonic Ladies Festival - 'A Toast to the Ladies'…as well as to 'My Lady' in April 2015!

The attendance at Ladies Night Festivals played a significant part in my introduction into Freemasonry and I therefore appreciate how important such an annual event is, not just to the Master (or The President), and his Lady, but for the good of Freemasonry in general.

The Masonic Ladies Festival is an important date in the calender of every Master's year and one in which The Master and 'his Lady' will want to celebrate in style.

For my year Installed in 'The Chair' of The Sheringham Lodge No. 6621 in October 2014 I had no hesitation in employing the services of a good Toastmaster friend of mine Mr Bob Lloyd (see below courtesy of James 'Click' Neale)….and a role reversal him officiating at my Ladies Night instead of me officiating at somebody else's Ladies Night in which I also sing The Ladies Song! 

My role as Professional Toastmaster on your Masonic Ladies Night

What I also understand as your Professional Toastmaster is how meticulous it is to pay attention to detail to ensure the evening meets both Masonic tradition and etiquette as well as being a thoroughly entertaining evening for the Brethren, the Ladies and Guests. 

With a sound grounding in matters Masonic I will liase with those responsible for facilitating the Ladies Night e.g. Senior & Junior Wardens, the President and his Lady and the Director / Assistant Director of Ceremonies. I am also available to sing the Ladies Song on the night…..something I will be doing to my own Lady in April 2015!

However my specific duties as a Professional Toastmaster will be to;

Introduce Guests to The President and his Lady

Liaise with venue staff / photographer (where applicable)

Calling Guests to Dinner

Announcing the Entrance of the The President and his Lady

Announce Grace by Lodge Chaplain

Announce the Taking of Wine between meal courses

Announce the Loyal Toast by The President

Announce Speeches and The Ladies Song

Liaise with table Stewards for Ladies Gifts

Announce the charity for selling of raffle tickets

Assist The President in drawing the raffle

Lead The President and his Lady from Banquet

Announce the first dance by The President and his Lady

Saying Thank You's and Goodnight

What I also understand as your Professional Toastmaster is how meticulous it is to pay attention to detail to ensure the evening meets the expectations of you, your Lady and uphold the traditions of The Lodge. As your Professional Masonic Toastmaster I will be proud to be part of your Masonic Event and ensure you and your Guests have a most excellent evening. Above all I am there for YOU on YOUR Ladies Night….and will happily sing the Ladies Song for you!

If you would like the services of a modern Masonic Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies with traditional values, please get in contact with me to arrange for a no obligation conversation.


I look forward to hearing from you.


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